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Newsletter October, 2010
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New Calendar for 2011 

Hello Readers and friends,

I am sitting in my home feeling the weather turning toward winter and feeling the amazing new ascension energies. There are no limits except what we impose on ourselves. During this time when the old energies are heightened in your awareness, you must really work on loving every part of yourself and not getting too caught up in the stories.
Many of you may have a habit of beginning entangled too much in the past stories whether from this life or others. In order to truly heal yourself you must stop this. Getting caught up in the story or psychic phenomena from the past is a way of distracting yourself from the higher Truth and spirituality! You need to focus on healing yourself while walking the "Straight and Narrow way".
Jesus told me this story years ago. "Walking the straight and narrow way is a simple matter. You do not step off the path in order to deal with beliefs or stories. You stay on the path and deal with them in a conscious way. You also do not allow yourself to step off the path on the other side of you into denial. Denial is just a distraction of the Negative ego. You stay on the path toward spirit, deal with issues expediently, love all parts of yourself and move forward." This means no looking back and constantly letting yourself remember the stories from the past. Heal them, love them and move on!
We are moving toward next year's spring Equinox which will bring the balancing and final healing of the male and female relationships. It is time to find balance, harmony, equality, respect. No more better than/less than agendas. This year was the time of the anchoring of the Goddess on Earth in a deep and powerful way. Next spring will be the time for both male and female. Work on this for yourself, your life, and your relationships.
After this newsletter is a new schedule for the next years. Hope to see you here in Shasta for a training!
Love and Blessings,



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