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Newsletter May 2008
Pleiadian Lightwork Associates

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Hello Readers and friends,

I am making huge changes in my teaching schedule at the end of this newsletter. So if you are interested in any trainings with me, check it out below.

What a wonderful ongoing adventure we are experiencing on Planet Earth! With the new levels of photon band connection and reconnection to Source that has begun, our harvest is in sight more all the time. If you have not made this deepening connection yet I will be publishing a video withing the next month for doing so. It is called Photon Band and Great Central Sun Connection. It is a great one for taking you through the actual process of anchoring these new connections as well as some teaching about what is happening. For me, personally, it is an awesome activation. And with this one the portals to the Great Central Sun and access to Holy Mother and Holy Father no longer require an out of body journey! Yes that's what I said. They can be brought directly into the room where you are and we do so on the video meditation. I am obviously excited about this. Originally when I taught Great Central Sun and Holy Mother/Holy Father connection we did a journey out through several star systems to the center of the Universe. It is so simple and easy now that they can bilocate here.

Another new video is entitlled "Divine Union". It includes a talk about sacred relationship and what is required followed by a beautiful meditation with the Divine Couples of the 7 Rays in which most of them channel a brief message for you.

Both videos should be available within the next month, so keep checking online or email or phone us with your orders now.

The time for completion with the past is now (or yesterday-smile). If there is anyone or anything you have not completed with emotionally from the past, it must be done now. If you help find the right healer to work with. Also using the Reframing process in The PleiadianTantric Workbook is great to help you with this. Carrying baggage from the past can prevent you from coming into 100% enlightenment and could even block your potential ascension when the time comes. So if you want to maximize your receiving ability, do your completions.

I also want to review some of the activations from the past that you need to be living in or doing:

Living in a place that you love and waking up every morning grateful to be there.
Loving your work and the place and people you work with, if appropriate.

Loving every part of yourself, including personality and past lives.

Living in Divine Trust that the Divine Plan is working for everyone no matter what is happening in the moment.

Of course, non-judgment toward yourself and others (including President Bush).

Monitoring your thoughts and cancelling negative beliefs and attitudes without believing in them continually.

Ceasing to use fear as an excuse for non-action and hiding - feeling the fear deeply in order to release it while reminding yourself that it is just an old emotion that has no meaning - you are safe.

Being and expressing your true self in every moment.

Believing in yourself and your beauty is essential!

With these areas of life in line, the beautiful spiritual deepening will naturally happen through meditation and right living.

Enjoy the ride!!!

Love, Amorah


Amorah's New Schedule (see schedule and other notes on our Calendar page)

Sessions -- September - Nov, 2008

FSP 2 -- Dec 1 -14, 2008

Sessions -- Mid Dec, 2008 - Jan, 2009

Japan trip -- Feb - March 2009

PLI 1 -- April 15 - May 12, 2009

FSP 3 - June 1 - 14, 2009

Regression Facilitation Training -- July 1 - 10, 2009

PLI 2 -- August 5 - 19, 2009

FSP 1 -- Oct 1 - 14, 2009

PLI 3 -- Nov 1 - 15, 2009

FSP 2 -- Dec 1 - 14

PLI 1 -- March 1 - 28, 2010

FSP 3 -- May 15 -29, 2010

Regression Facilitation Training -- June 18 -27, 2010

PLI 2 -- July 20 - Aug 16, 2010

PLI 3 -- Nov 1 - 15, 2010

Just a reminder that FSP 1 is a required pre-requisite for PLI 1 as well as Regression Facilitation Training. FSP 2 and 3 are pre-requisites for PLI 2 & 3. I have asked Rotem Yakobovitch to teach an FSP 1 and 2 March 1 -14, 2009 and May 1 - 14, respectively.