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Newsletter December 2008
Pleiadian Lightwork Associates

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December 19th, 2008:

Dearest Beloved Readers and Friends,
Merry Christ-Mass and a Happy New Year! Yes we are coming to the end of an intense year of both economic struggle, and government  infringements being brought to the foreground. And the first Afro-American President has been elected promising great changes in the future. So what's next? Here is channeling about 2009: 
2009 promises to be a unique turning point time for Earth and the human race. It is a time that will bring about many changes on every level. 
Politically we can expect revelations about the corruption that has been present in governments and the ways we, the citizens, have been manipulated for the purposes of the rich and powerful. It is a time for turning around and taking a long hard look at how we have given our power awy to government that has long been ruled by the dark side. it is a time for the human race to demand that government and large corporations are returned the Light and to fairness and that corruption ends now. It is up to each and every one of us individually and collectively to make this demand and to reclaim our voice in this world. We have sat back like the helpless victims for much too long. And the time to speak our truth and be heard is NOW!
2009 will bring more Earth changes around the planet as well. Our job with this is to remember that the Earth must cleanse herself of the build up of negative energies and damage from pollutants and underground governmental experiments including explosions that have damaged the alignment of the tectonic plates. When these Earth changes happen we need to remember that those living in the areas where they happen have, on a spirit level, volunteered to be in those locations. Give your compassion and assistance in any way that feels appropriate to you, and do not panic. Just like we get sick when toxicity and repression build up in our bodies, so does the Earth. And when our sickness is over, we are healthier-and so is the Earth.
Recycling, ending dependency on fossil fuels, and ceasing to purchase polluting products is all part of our role in supporting the upcoming times and the healing the Earth. It is our spiritual responsibility. We must stop buying commercially produced make-up, shampoo, conditioner, detergents, soaps, perfumes, and all chemical products. Essential oil products are safe for you and for the environment as are health food store detergents and alternative make up and body care products. Making these changes in your life styles has been important for a long time. But it is reaching a critical turning point in terms of healing our Earth's environment and stopping the pollution created in manufacturing these products. 
Also, for the environment we need to create a movement to cease the manufacture of plastics as much as possible and to start buying products that use plastics to a minimum. The gift wrapping industry is one of the greatest sources of pollutants on Earth. We must learn to choose products that have a minimum about of metallic look, and to use gift bags that we can recycle as much as possible. Artificial fiber clothes are also a great source of polluting the planet in their manufacture. Start buying only natural fibers-which is also healthier for you.
You , as a spirit and individual being, need to take a giant step in learning to speak your truth. We must release the illusion that disagreeing with someone is rude or inappropriate. We have been ruled by social protocols for much too long. You must choose to reclaim what is real and natural for you. Letting go of other people's approval is essential. Remember "Other people's opinions of me are none of my business." What this means is that every human has a right to respond and think however they choose. If you don't like it, you need to heal your own self esteem, not try to adapt to their way-find your own. Be your true self now and always. It is necessary if you wish to become enlightened and to ascend. How can we ever hope for these high states of consciousness if we are still wrapped up in social stigmas and need for approval from others. Our approval must come from ourselves. We are all beautiful Beings of Light, Love and Truth and nothing and no one can change that. It is time to remember who you are, why you are here, and to live it in every moment of every day with every person.
When we begin to live this way, then we are ready to remember our Divine Source connection, our individual and collective Divine Plan, and claim our place in this world. So during 2009 it is both a time for clean up on a global and individual level as well as a time for great expansion and alignment on the path of Light for us all. Reclamation of your true identity, transcendence of ego personality, and awakening to impeccability will be taken to greater levels than ever before. Are you ready? If not now, when?
Love and blessings to you all on this journey to wholeness!
Amorah Quan Yin
Amorah's upcoming sessions will be available late December and through January 22. After that she will be out of the country and teaching and may not have time for sessions again until September, if then. If you want a session you must have read and done the exercises in Chapters 5, 6, & 13 of The Pleiadian Workbook. If you want a session call 530-926-4333.
Donations are being accepted to the Dolphin Star Temple which is a legal church. Donations are tax deductible. We are hoping to bring in enough donations to buy land and build an actual Dolphin Star Temple building for workshops and spiritual gatherings. if you want more info about this, email us and let us know.