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Dolphin Star Temple
Newsletter March Equinox 2006
Pleiadian Lightwork Associates

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Blessings and Love to you on this beautiful Equinox!

What a glorious time we are living in! The bounties of spirit are overflowing to each and everyone one of us who are ready. And to be ready, you must be truly recognizing the difference in ego and spirit, and living as much as possible in spirit identity.

As I have written and taught many times, learning to choose which thoughts and emotions you know are related to Truth, as your teachers, is important. Most humans live as by products of their thoughts and emotions never having a clue that they can choose. And most of life ends up being lived in ego reaction and believing in it. Reclaiming your true identity from this paradigm is the single most necessary step for stepping onto your spiritual path. Before this step is taken, you may be searching, meditating, processing issues, but seeming to spin your wheels a lot of the time. When you finally get it that reclaiming your true identity from misplaced ego identity, the path begins. And giving thanks for all of the prerequisites is another necessary step. Looking into the past and blessing and being grateful for everything and everyone you have ever encountered, and every experience you have ever had, is also a necessary step to coming into spirit consciousness and finding your true self. And , of course, in order to do this you must have forgiven everything and everyone you have ever blamed, including yourself and God.

Even if you have not completed with forgiveness, and found the gratitude of which I speak, you can still work with reclaiming spirit’s true identity along the way. We need to find our true Presence in the Now! This means, take time in daily meditation to move into a “No Mind” state of consciousness. Take time to sit and observe your breath, or just feeel the life force flowing through your body. And do these things free of mental interpretation and ideas. Eckhart Tolle has called this “alert stillness”. It is time for us all to find that place in life in which we can be fully present, free of ego identity and reactions, and in this “alert stillness” as the backdrop for our every decision, interaction, and choice. Yes it is possible! and yes, there is a lot of help for us.

Daily Higher Self alignment is a great prerequisite for stetpping into the next level of spiritual maturity, and responsibility: abilty to respond-instead of react. Each of us is everything we have ever hoped to be. That is why you hope and wish for it. Every moment of shame, guilt, low self-respect, lack of deservingness and self worth is an ego illusionary identity. Every moment that contains blame of yourself and others, and distrust and anger, is a moment of ego illusionary identity. And to forgive this in ourselves and move into true identity requires us to love those parts of ourselves. It also requires us to stop the inner dialogue and arguing with them, and to learn to witness in the “alert stillness” in a loving way. In this state there ceases to be bad and good, right and wrong. There only exists Presence in the Now, and the realization that everything exactly as it is is okay. And the moment you realize this, you can stop living in the past and Be Here Now.

As I mentioned in a previous email, I highly recommend Eckhart Tolle’s newest book, “A New Earth”. It is a page by page guide to coming home you the real you. In detail and compassion, Eckhart gives the story of ego identity and finding spirit identity. He helps you understand how the ego identity got there, and how to not blame it. If you still need help in finding total Presence in the Now free of reactions and mind jabber, this book is the best.

Now I want to share with you something very special that happened for me in my meditation today, on March Equinox. Just as I was completing my meditation time, I felt guided to do a “Matrix of Divine Flow” chamber session. (There is a chapter called “Matrix of Divine Flow” in by latest book “Affinity” that talks about this process for correcting the cellular structure relative to unhealthy spin patterns and mutations.) Just as the Matrix of Divine Flow sessionwas coming to completion a huge and beautiful Light being , Sirian Lord Andamariea, appeared to me. This Lord is androgenous, and holds incredible love and light. This Lord was beaming me with this energy, and said to me, “It is time for a revival of the soul, quickening.” I began to receive a wonderful new level of soul activation and awakening. The Light in my soul seemed to be waking up at whole new levels, and gradually radiating through my whole body. I kept receiving a telepathic sense of the repeated message, “The quickenings will continue now and deepen through time.” When the activation of the soul came to completion, a large group called the Lords of the Quickening appeared and held me in their mutual embibing of my soul and spirit consciousness. I was told to communicate this to you. They also said that most people will need to do some Chambers of Light before calling on them and receiving the soul revival and quickening.

Finding that “Alert Stillness’, true Presence in the Now that I wrote about at the beginning of this letter is an essential part of being able to receive the soul revival and quickening at its deepest levels. So if you have not begun, it is recommended that you do. Secondly, these Lords have recommended that before calling on them you will want to do 2 - 3 “Soul/Brain Rewiring and Balancing Chamber of Light” sessions. These should be done about 3 - 4 days apart. Use your own sense of guidance on this. In between these chambers, you will need to do “Matrix of Divine Flow” chamber sessions. These are, once again, in the “Matrix of Divine Flow” chapter in the book Affinity: Reclaiming the Divine Flow of Creation. When you have completed these chambers, sit down and come to as much stillness of mind and Presence as you can. Then call on Sirian Lord Andamariea of the Light. When you sense his Presence tell him you are ready to recieve your first level of Soul Revival. Also tell him that when it is complet you want the Lords of then Quickening to come and give you the first levels of quickening for which you are ready. Tell these beautiful Ones that you are ready to take responsibility for aligning with your true spirit Presence, and releasing ego identity. You are ready to continue whatever steps are need to fully evolve and reclaim your true identity, and eventually mastery. Then sit or lie back and receive. You can repeat this alignment by calling them in each time you feel you are ready for the next step. Before the first session ends, give them your permission to work with you at any time. And enjoy!

The blessings and dispensations being given now are so awesome. And the fact that we have to do our part to continue evolving and returning to Truth is also wonderful. If it could all be done for us, how would we ever step into our full enlightenment and mastery. All is in divinely beautiful order. All is well. And you are what you have always hoped to be. When we can truly align with and believe this, the path toward home (to you) becomes ever more brightly lit. And it is you that lights the way! Isn’t that great!!

After this letter I am including the new outline with descriptions of all the trainings we teach. For those interested in attending the PLI 1 with me in July, or in just taking the FSP 1, there is an FSP1 on July 1 - 14, 2006 being taught by MiRaEl, a long time Dolphin Star Temple teacher. This may likely be the last PLI 1 I will personally ever teach.

Much love and many blessings.
Amorah Quan Yin

Dolphin Star Temple Mystery School
Certification and Ministerial License Training Programs, Full Sensory Perception and Pleiadian Lightwork Intensives

Regression Facilitation Training
June 20-29, 2006 with Amorah Quan Yin

While learning to be a Regression Facilitator, you will experience much subconscious healing. This work is similar to Hypnotherapy, with a twist. Prerequisite The Pleiadian Workbook: Awakening Your Divine Ka,
Chapters 5, 6, 7, 12, 13. part of 9.

Following is an outline of class material for this training:

1. Teaching and Activation of beginning levels of subconscious access

2. Conference Room Regression with Guides and Higher Self

3. Accessing and Healing Present Life Inner Child Regression

4. Conference Room with Subpersonalities Regression

5. Past Life Retrieval of Strengths Regression

6. Past Life Karmic Healing Regression

7. Multidimensional Accessing for Healing of Original Core Issue Regression

8. Multidimensional Accessing of Your Unique Source Connection- Who are you and where did you originate?-Regression

Sliding Scale suggested donation: $ 888-1777

Full Sensory Perception (FSP)

FSP is for the purpose of accelerating spiritual growth with the use of your full sensory perceptions of clairvoyance, clairaudience, intuition, and channeling healing energy. The program is not for the purpose of going deeply into psychic phenomena. It is a path toward wholeness, Oneness, and becoming consciously responsible for aligning with your Divine Destiny and connection with God/Goddess/All That Is. You are not required to do all three levels at this time if you need to spread it out over time.

FSP is a comprehensive training program for:
1) Those attending PLI’s to learn reading and healing skills used in the PLI’s, and to do appropriate self-clearing in preparation for the multidimensional mystery school work
2) Those interested in learning reading and healing skills in order to be a practitioner
3) Those seeking deep personal healing and clearing, but not interested in being a practioner.

Subjects covered are:
FSP 1, July 1 - 14, 2006 with MiRa El: Reading, clearing, and healing aura, seven chakras; kundalini channels; depossession; clearing implants; deprogramming; accessing Akashic Records; beginning level soul healing; clearing black magic; healing sub-chakras

FSP 2: Reading, clearing, and healing subconscious; healing unconscious; karmic pain; multidimensional soul healing; etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual body healing; astral body and holographic healing; personality; soul retrieval

FSP 3 : Reading, clearing, and healing body-being channels; several levels of past lives, including ghost retrieval, reclaiming past life strengths, pain clearing, reframing, and twin flame past life healing; genetics; addictions; self-sabotage; soul’s blueprint/monolith; role of chakras in creation and manifestation; soul recalibration, original 8-cell clearing

Each of the 3 sections is a 14- day training.
Suggested donation for each is $1200-2400, sliding scale US funds

Pleiadian Lightwork Intensives (PLI)
The PLI’s and Workbooks focus on a new healing modality that is actually the renaissance of ancient Lemurian, Atlantean, and Egyptian temple practices, and mystery school teachings. These practices were brought to these civilizations by the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light and the Sirian Archangelic League of Light, just as they have brought them to Earth again at this time via Amorah. They have informed her that it is now time to bring the work forward to meet the needs of awakening beings on Earth during these times of acceleration of the light frequencies and birthing of the Golden Age of Enlightenment. In other words, we are preparing ourselves to be the Second Coming of Christ en masse when we embody our Christ Presences here on Earth.
Both trainings begin each day with a group check-in circle, music, meditation, and anchoring of City of Light Temple space. The trainings are mystery school teachings, and healing practices. You will not only learn healing skills. You will clear your own ego agendas, make paradigm shifts, and live together in a sacred way as you learn on all levels.
Subjects covered are:
PLI 1, July 24 - August 22, 2006with Amorah: 30-day intensive includes: Dolphin Moves; Ka Channel Healing and Activation; Dolphin Star-Linking; DNA activation; Central Nervous System Healing; advanced hands-on healing techniques for depatterning/repatterning deeply ingrained behavioral patterns; clearing implosion patterns; kundalini work; releasing structural holding patterns and damage, and much more-suggested Donation $2000-4000

PLI 2, March 1 - 25, 2006 with Amorah: 25-day intensive includes: Cellular & organ clearing; original 8-cell clearing genetic clearing and self-affinity work; Soul healing and reconnection to body systems & brain; Ka/Meridian Linking; Ka check-up; Dolphin Moves; Dolphin Star-Linking; numerous advanced hands-on techniques; multidimensional holographic clearing; 6th & 9th dimensional Higher Self Activations; Diamond Lightbody activation; MerKaBa teachings and meditation, sacred geometry healing and activation; Soul depatterning & recalibration; advanced kundalini; Higher Self Activation & multidimensional holographic reconnection-suggested donation $1800-3600

Contact the Dolphin Star Temple office for information
e-mail :
Message phone: (530) 926-1122
(If phoning us please leave full name spelling it, and address spelling
street and town please speak slowly so we can send you the
information, credo, and application.)