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Dolphin Star Temple
Newsletter December 2005
Pleiadian Lightwork Associates

PO Box 1581, Mount Shasta, Ca. 96067
Ph: 530-926-1122 Fax: 530-926-1112

Announcement: The tentative plans for an FSP 1 have been cancelled. FSP 2 will be held January 11 - 24. If you are coming, register ASAP.

Dearest Readers and Friends,

As we approach this beautiful and sacred time of celebrating Winter Solstice and Christ Mass, it is a time for deep reflection on what we have done with the year of 2005, and what we want for 2006. It has definitely been a year during which learning to be the peaceful eye within the storm has been needed for most of us. And it has been a year during which putting into practice our spiritual intent in daily life has been essential to maintaining any sense of balance. And, as I have been saying for quite some time, the intensity will be getting more as the frequencies continue to increase. HOWEVER, there is a break through happening on Winter Solstice that will help make it easier for some of us.

There is what the guides have called a “Christ Matrix” within the planet. This matrix, or sacred geometry grid, has been enmeshed in the Earth’s planetary karma, subterranean dark energies, and density with the Earth for a great long time. Finally that matrix is being freed from the lower frequencies inside Earth and will be totally free and shining brightly as of December 21, Solstice. Yea Team!!!

What this means for us, and has meant for us for quite awhile is that the lower density grids, old emotional, mental, and physical holding on that is still in our cells and energy bodies, has probably felt more polarized and obvious to some of you. It certainly has been working its way into my attention often. You see, as the Christ Matrix is beeing separated out of density and karmic grids, we feel it in our psyches. The Higher Self connection may seem, at times, more difficult to maintain throughout the day with ego voice becomoing seeminmg louder.

As we experience these challenges, it is important not to collapse in self-pity, or giving power over to believing in ego voice. We need to continually love it, don’t argue with it, and bring in Higher Self. It is also time to really reach out to that part of you that already exist in higer-dimensional realms: your Christ consciousness. And you do have one! (For those who need help with this part, we have a tape for “Connecting with your Christ Self” and it is taught in ‘Affinity: Reclaiming the Divine Flow of Creation” my more recent book.)

You can begin at once changing your grounding cord to connect directly into the Earth’s Christ Matrix. It feels really wonderful. Also when you ground it is good to have connected with your Christ Self, and blended with that part of your Higher Self. Then when you connect in with the Christ Matrix, it will create a stronger link. And it will begin to strengthen your ability to hold the Christ consciousness in the day to day. It does not mean that the ego voices will just disappear. It does mean that it should assist you in holding that consciousness and not giving away your identity to ego.

On Dec. 21. I am holding a gathering at our store in Mt. Shasta at noon California time. We would love for you to link with us at that time and do the Christ Self blending and grounding into the Earth. We will also do a journey to the Great Central Sun, connect with Holy Mother and Holy Father, and bring back a Pillar of Light both for ourselves and for the planet. When we have returned, we will anchor those Pillars of Light from the Great Central Sun into the Christ Matrix. Whatever else comes through that day will be channelled. So link with us and receive the frequency.

At the Dolphin Star Temple monthly gathering in November was when the guides announced this happening. They took us through the future to when this would happen on the planet and helped us clear the way for Solstice. You may enjoy getting this tape and doing the alignment with us. Even if you receive it after Solstice, you can still do the process going back in time to Solstice and it will be great for you.

I hope you have a wonderful Solstice. This year it truly sets the pace for using Christ Mass as a time for honoring and recommitting yourself to anchoring your Christ consciousness and mastery on Earth. It is a time to celebrate the levels of birthing your Christ consciousness that have already happened, and that will continue. Celebrate yourself and all of us who are truly committed to awakening to Truth, Light and Love 100%. We are the Victory!!!

Merry and Sacred Christ Mass!

Love forever,
Amorah Quan Yin


Amorah will be doing sessions through January 5. So call her at 530-926-4333 for a phone session. Phone sessions are good for overseas folks as well, since phone rates have gone down so much in price.


Crystals, Crystals, Crystals!!!

We recently received an amazing shipment of crystals from Namibia. I am still working on pricing and making out cards for them. We received the biggest batch ever of crystals in the $40 - 144 range. And it is amazing how many enhydros-over 2/3! Enhydros are water bubbles that move around inside the crystals. We label them with a blue dot pointing to the enhydro bubble location so it easy for you to find them when you buy one.

Also it is the shipment with the most really big and gigantic enhydro bubbles. In the ancient days of temple systems and spiritual culture in Greece, Egypt, Lemuria, Atlantis, and other, it was well know how water is the key to anchoring higher-dimensional energies into the 3D realm. The builders and planners would arrange so that beneath every temple there would be a natural water source. Water is receptive. And totally pure water on Earth is essential for us to maintain higher-dimensional connection, and connection to Holy Mother and Holy Father. Pure water sources are like the sacred blood lineage of the planet, and the people. This is also the meaning of the Holy Grail.

Holy Grail represents this opening of receptivity to our Higher Selves, and guides of Light. It also represents purifying of our bodies and our conscoiusness in order to receive spirit. These crystals are like the Holy Grail for us. The water inside is a minimum of 2,000,000 - 6,000,000 years old. You cannot find a purer source than that. When you hold these crystals, connect with the overlighting deva of the crystal, and tell the deva you are ready to be a Christ conscious being in your mastery, Ask the deva and the Sisterhood of the Holy Grail to work with you through the crystals, to help you purify any energies needing release. Tell them to help you truly find and believe in your innocense. Your are that! And then enjoy the sacred and beautiful connection. Meditate with them. Have ehm under your pillow, or on a bed table near you are night. Carry smaller ones in your pocket or in a pouch around your neck. And trust your instincts on when to use it and when it is time for a break.

We also have lots of Namibian crystals made into beautiful pendants in the $40 - 300 range, and earrings in the $50 - 120 range. We can quick ship for Christmas.

There are a couple of bigger crystals in this shipment I want to tell you about also. One is a Twin Flame crystal with large enhydro bubbles. It is deep amethyst and clear quartz combined. It is a deep reaching crystal and is about 7-1/4” long 2” wide. Price is $2222.

The other large one is a relationship and soul family crystal. It is really beautiful with a combination of pale citrine and deep amethyst color. It also has several big and a giant enhydro bubble. It feels like a crystal for really uniting and harmonizing soul family, and any spiritual group that is gathered together. It is a large chunky crystal that weighs about 5 pounds, and is 7” x 5” x 4-1/2”. Price is $3333.

Beyond that we still have a large line of Namibian crystals between $5 - 3333. We are also steadily adding many of our store items to the shopping cart, so have a look!