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Preview of The Pleiadian Workbook: Awakening the Divine Ka

by Amorah Quan-Yin

In October my first book, The Pleiadian Workbook: Awakening the Divine Ka, will be released by Bear and Co. Publishers. This book has been the result of about 15 years of work with a group of beings called the Pleiadian Emissaries of Lightxand that's just in this lifetime.

Several years before I knew where the information and ability came from, I found myself doing spontaneous healings on friends by intuitively connecting points in the body with my fingers that seemed to be nonfunctional. My friends experienced incredible releases of pain and contraction, although I did not know how to tell them what I was doing. In 1987 while taking a month-long training in Laguna Beach, Ca., a group of Light Beings made their presence known to me and began working with me while asleep and lucidly dreaming, as well as while awake. They did incredible energy work on my body, taught me body movements for the release of holding patterns and pain, and reminded me that we had worked together in other lives. After six weeks of almost 24-hour-a-day connection with them, my higher-dimensional friends seemed to disappear. They would show up again when I did the work they had taught me on friends and clients, and rarely for a channeled message, but that was it. The explanation they gave was that their presence would only serve to distract me, and that it was not time yet for us to be together on an ongoing basis.

While at Breitenbush Hot Springs in August of 1993, my old friends appeared again with the outline of the rest of the teachings that have become the Pleiadian Lightwork, upon which my book is based. They told me I would be teaching a 20-day Pleiadian Lightwork Intensive in November of that year, and that, in the meantime, they would be doing the energy work on me that I would be teaching. By the time the Intensive began, I would receive all of the information to be given in the training. The Ka work was introduced to me at that time.

The Ka is the "divine double" which serves as the interface between our human body and our higher-dimensional holographic self. The Ka body is comprised of a vast circuitry with 16 primary meridian-like activation lines. Each of these meridians has multiple, specific, activation points, that when fully functional pull in the Ka energy from our own Higher Selves. This Ka energy is comprised of light and sound frequencies from our ninth-dimensional selves down-stepped to our third-dimensional selves via the Ka body.

In January of 1994, my friends showed up one day and showed me a book cover upon which the title "It's Time Now" was written. On the back cover it read "Published by Bear and Co." The title was actually a message, and not the book title. As they had implied years before, it was not yet time, that day they said, "It's time now." I knew I was to go public with the teachings and healing techniques, and though a little reluctant, began preparation. They also told me at that time to call them the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light (PEL). The Pleiadian Workbook... is the first piece of PEL teachings to be brought forth.

The workbook information for healing and activation of the Ka is new to this time on Earth, but is actually the resurrection of ancient Lemurian, Atlantean, and Egyptian temple practices. I have clearly remembered being a temple priestess and dreamer in both Atlantis and Egypt, and bringing through the Ka teachings via lucid dreaming and communication with the PEL during those civilizations. The PEL tell me I was taught the work in Lemuria, as well.

The reason the Pleiadian Lightwork has been brought forward at this time has to do with our goals on the planet. It is nearing the time of the Second Coming of Christ en masse, or planetary ascension. We, as members of a higher collective consciousness, have set a goal of complete transcendence of all planetary karma and third-dimensional illusion by the end of this millennium in December of 2012. In order to accomplish this goal, several things must happen.

First of all, according to the PEL, every human on Earth by that time, must have come to understand and accept four evolutionary principles:

(1) Our purpose here is to evolve physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

(2) Every human being has a Divine Essence made of light and love whose nature is goodness.

(3) Free Will is an absolute universal right; impeccability calls on the self to surrender its Free Will to Divine Will in faith and trust.

(4) All of natural existence is sacred beyond how it serves or meets the needs of the individual self.

Secondly, a minimum of 144,000 individuals must have become enlightened, and then have gone to the next spiritual level, which is Christ consciousness. This is what I call "The Second Coming of Christ en masse." The Ka Channels and Template, part of the Pleiadian Lightwork system, must be cleared and fully functional in order for the Christ-self, or Master Presence, to descend into and blend with our human bodies. Becoming aligned continually with our higher-dimensional aspects through the ninth-dimension is a necessary prerequisite to the physical descension of our Christ-selves. This leads to the permanent anchoring of the Pillar of Light into our third-dimensional reality, as well.

Third, we must have cleared all of our karmic patterns and issues in all of our bodies: the emotional body, mental body, physical body, and spiritual body. This requires the transformation and release of all cellular miasms and mutations, including those caused by chemicals, toxins, and genetics.

Fourth, we must become impeccable. Again, this includes all of our energy bodies. We can no longer afford the luxury of negative thinking, polluting of the Earth and our bodies, judgmentalness, denial, or "I'll worry about that tomorrow" kind of thinking. When we observe a thought or pattern of behavior that is not in the highest, we must immediately stop and change it. Spiritual laziness and procrastination are no longer options for those who wish to be among the forerunners, the Christed ones.

Impeccability also requires us to take responsibility for our part in cocreation of our world, as well as our individual lives. To do so joyously, and with loving gratitude is the only attitude that can lead to true Mastery, which begins with mastering our own lower naturesxwithout judgment or blame.

My new workbook gives detailed processes for accomplishing these spiritual goals and attaining our aspirations. Of course, no technique or system can do it for you. But good, effective systems for growth and spiritual evolution can certainly make the process easier and more succinct. My personal experience, and reports from clients and students, have shown the Pleiadian Lightwork to be one such system for accelerating our clearing, deepening our spiritual connectedness, and raising our vibrational frequencies.

A second and third book are already in the making. The next one will be published by Bear and Co. in March of 1996. The material was originally included in The Pleiadian Workbook..., but had to be cut due to length. The title has not been agreed upon yet.

For now, The Pleiadian Workbook will take you on a spiritual journey toward the true self in a beautiful and loving way. As you read the stories, channelings, and do the processes, you will connect with the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light, who will then help facilitate your ongoing adventure toward self-mastery, enlightenment, Christ consciousness, and finally ascension. I trust it will be a pleasurable and fruitful journey. Namaste...