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Communion with Oneness

by Amorah Quan Yin

This morning, unlike my norm, I was awake a little past 5AM feeling great inner and outer activity. I knew it was an end to sleep for today as I surrendered into meditation. I was guided to meditate lying in bed with four crystals on my body. On my chest was a double crystal from Madagascar I have meditated with every day for nearly 10 years. Between my heart and throat chakras I placed a clear quartz carving of Quan Yin. On my solar plexus I was guided to place a beautiful double smoky quartz with protruding pink tourmaline. And finally at my root chakra was the large triple-pointed, triple-phantom smoky I recently acquired from Brazil.

As soon as the crystals were in place and I closed my eyes I saw and felt the presence of Isis, Hathor and Sekhmet. When in Egypt for the first time in 1996, I had spontaneously anchored all three of these Egyptian Goddess's in their Pillar of Light form. They had referred to it at the time as the anchoring of the triple Goddess. I knew as soon as I was aware of them that this is what I was being asked to this this morning. And it is always a great honor and divine pleasure to anchor this Goddess trinity. So, of course, I surrendered into the alignment and began to feel the familiar waves of Divine Feminine love and wisdom flow through my body, my heart and my consciousness. In my travels through Egypt the following year I was taught about the function of these three Goddesses in the ancient temple culture.

When a would-be initiate came to the priests and priestesses seeking guidance and initiation, the initiate would first be sent to the priestesses of Sekhmet, the lion-headed Goddess. These priestesses were the seers, the clairvoyant. They had the ability to look deep into a person's heart and soul and determine if that person's purpose was pure. If the ego issues were still too great for initiation, the seeker would be given assignments to take back into daily life. The individual would only return to the temples when this karmic issue no longer had a grip on consciousness and behavior. Once the seeker was deemed ready to proceed, he or she was given an overall reading of karmic ego patterns and how best to continue transforming them as they arose. They were warned about their most core patterns that could cause them to fall to the dark side and become trapped in their own demise. Then the initiate was sent to the Hathor priestesses.

In the Hathor Temples the individual received emotional healing, balancing of the energy bodies, reconnection to Divine Mother and Father, and clearing of mental and behavioral patterns. On every stage of the path, appropriate meditations and activations were given and practiced daily, often several times per day. Initiates were gradually being assisted in clearing and raising their frequency on all levels through purification, healing, spiritual practice, and service. And when deemed ready, teachings of Goddess wisdom, sacred sexuality, and mastery were begun at the Isis Temples with the priestesses there.

Whether male or female this passage through the Goddess trinity was first on the path. The length of time the initiate spent at each stage was greatly variable because of the uniqueness of their own karmic history, and ongoing tendencies. And when these three beginning stages were completed, the next step was to receive kundalini teachings and activation in the Sobek Temple, the crocodile temples. From there, Edfo, the Horus Temple was next, and on and on until final initiation in the Great Pyramid of Gizaxif the seeker made it that far in a given lifetime. Most did not. Even throughout the higher levels of initiation, the initiate would be sent before the priestesses of Sekhmet, Hathor, and Isis for reevaluation of preparedness for the next stage. Deeper and ongoing levels of ego transcendence, healing, and tantric teachings were interspersed during the initiatic journey. At that time, bloodline was not enough to qualify a pharaoh, queen or smaller monarch for office. All members of the hierarchy, political and spiritual, were required to pass their initiations before holding office. And these individuals were reviewed yearly in the Sakkara ceremonial Temple. Whether it be pharaoh, queen, treasurer, or captain of the armies, these individuals stood before the priestesses of Sekhmet, Hathor, and Isis before being reinstated for another year by the priests of Osiris, Horus, Sobek, and Ptah. Maat and Thoth were the final "judges," in the purest sense of the word, and had the final evaluation of initiates in life, as in death.

Egypt was only one of the mystery school systems, of course. And yet to understand the nature of the initiatic path in ancient Egypt is to understand the principles of initiation in any path. Many paths are not as filled with teachings and variety of practices as was the Egyptian path. All paths have parallel equivalents of each stage, whether it is done by sitting in a cave until complete purification and transcendence is attained, or one pursues a more active approach.

Many of us who have been on a spiritual path for several, or many years, have experienced numerous facets of the awakening process. For instance, when I actively began my path in the late 70's, hypnosis work, followed by meditation and fasting were my beginnings. Changing to primarily vegetarian, whole grain diet was spontaneously inspired, as were kundalini awakenings and many Atlantean memories. I had no teachers and no conscious information about any of these things. But that did not stop the natural awakening that was unfolding in stages, very quickly. Over the years, I remembered and reexperienced past lives and initiations in many paths. Hindu, Buddhist, Sufi, Native American, South American, Hawaiian, Egyptian, and Lemurian each had there periods of time in which they were the primary focus. Ancient Avalon of England, Mayan, and other planetary and solar existences were unveiled over time; each bringing more healing, awakening, and capacity for love. At times it seemed that a particular practice was ongoing long enough that it might become the one. And then a new initiation with the dolphins or Ascended Masters would occur and another phase would begin.

Over the years, the places in which each path overlapped and merged became more apparent. I did not need to give up my connection to Quan Yin in order to connection to Jesus, Thoth, or Quetzlcoatl. I realized that these beings are not existing in separationxalbeit uniqueness. In ancient Hindu traditions some disciple wear malas of 108 beads to connect to the 108 names or aspects of God/Goddess. Just inside the human crown chakra, we have a 108-faceted prism that holds this same function, and much more. All of our connections through the dimensions, through past lives, and to our individual higher purpose are held in this prism. The rays that enter through your crown pass through this prism activating the appropriate color and light patternings to send to your pineal gland, and from there, into your body, chakras, and consciousness.

In many lifetimes the messages in your 108-faceted prism have been limited to a singular purpose, singular spiritual lineage, and specific karmic issues within that scope. For some this is true now. You may have a function on Earth to experience and anchor one particular path as a Buddhist, Incan, Native American, or any other. And many of us are here with a unique function: to commune with and embody several, or all paths. This is my path in this accelerated time on Earth: to harmonize all of my past lives, spiritual lineages, initiations, and aspects of consciousness into a single Pillar of Light multidimensionally. That I Am. This path has led me to remember and embody higher-dimensional memories of my own birth of consciousness all the way through all the stages prior to physical incarnations through many lifetimes to NOW! And though it may sound very complicated and confusing, it is not. It is simply the path of return to Oneness through Unity in Diversity. Whew!

At this point in my life, what weaves all the threads of my existence together into a single beautiful tapestry is love. Love brings harmony, simplicity, and peace in the center of vastness and Oneness displayed as complexity. I have, at times, longed to join a Zen Abbey and experience the single-mindedness. And yet my path this time, and my service is to bring it all together. And I have grown to be very grateful for this. Even the Dolphin Star Temple Mystery School, on which my books are based, appear to be a contemporization of the ancient Egyptian system. And yet this too is a multi-faceted prism. For while this system follows the ancient Egyptian structure, it too is woven with treads of Mayan, Hindu, Buddhist, Native American, Avalon, Greek, and other spiritual paths. The Incan have given the next large time cycle on Earth the name "the Age of Coraldi." Coraldi means, basically, the one world family, or rainbow nations. Some Native paths call it the path of the Twisted Hair. These names all imply that the New Age is the age of putting it all together in harmony, like the colors of a rainbow, or the threads of a multi-colored tapestry. Or to coin a newer, and more ancient term, it is the time of Unity in Diversity: when all differences are honored, respected, valued and treated as perfect aspects of the rainbow of Oneness that originates, and returns to the One White Light. This is the stuff of which communion with All That Is is made. And whether you path is singular or multifold, each of us has a higher purpose. And living living that higher purpose is all that matters, and the only way to lasting joy, love and peace. So let us cease the ego need for comparisons, competition, doubt, and prejudice and love it all. And loving the uniqueness of your own path is the way home to self: the I Am That I Am.

(Note: Part 2 of this article will be in the next issue and entitled "Embodying the Many Faces of God/Goddess: Trinity x 3 x 3" )

Amorah is founder of the Dolphin Star Temple Mystery School, a contemporization of the ancient Egyptian Mystery School. She is author of The Pleiadian Workbook:Awakening Your Divine Ka, The Pleiadian Tantric Workbook: Awakening Your Divine Ba, Pleiadian Perspectives on Human Evolution.