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Assemblage Point

by Amorah Quan Yin

If you are a reader of Carlos Castaneda you will notice that he refers to "Assemblage Point" often in his books. Certain Native American shamanic teachings still include assemblage point, as did many high spiritual cultures around the Earth in past times. The teachings in this article, and the expanded version I teach in trainings, have been channeled to me by Pleaidian Archangel Ra, and combined with my own past life recall.

Assemblage Point is the name given to the point of consciousness that moves along an energy channel in the body that measures human evolutionary frequency. This channel, as shown below, begins on the right side of the chest a few inches above the nipple. It begins at "0". The channel runs horizontally to the center point of the chest which is "4". From there it moves down to the navel which is "10", the point of enlightenment. Between the navel and the perineum center is "10-13". Where your assemblage point is located numerically in the channel is determined by your spiritual growth and evolutionary level of consciousness, combined with your development of psychic abilities (which I refer to as Full Sensory Perceptions), physical health, diet, and multidimensional awareness and Higher Self connection to body consciousness. It is the frequency generated by our thoughts, attitudes, emotions, meditations and other spiritual focus, sexuality, use or disuse of Full Sensory Perceptions, and substances we ingest that create the cumulative frequency that is measured, or reflected, by the Assemblage Point. As the Assemblage Point moves to higher numbers correspondent to our growth and health, karmic patterns, spiritual goals, and past memories are released in the 108-faceted prism inside the crown chakra impulsing us with our next level of life experience and initiation. These releases are preprogrammed for activation prior to birth. Whether we experience them or not is dependent on whether we continually raise our frequency or not. In other words, every spiritual opportunity, and healing opportunity lies waiting inside for the exact frequency impulse from the Assemblage Point. And whether we attain those higher levels is dependent on those thoughts, attitudes, etc, that we choose in every moment of our lives. Isn't that a great reflection of how we create our own reality?

The "Octagonal Mirror" holds the energy of your Full Sensory Perceptions and multidimensional awareness. It anchors and reflects such abilities and powers as clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, lucid dreaming, telepathy, channeling, healing, precipitation, levitation, teleportation, telekinesis, and Higher Self conscious embodiment. Past life initiations, attainments, and damage are reflected within the Octagonal Mirror. The Octagonal Mirror has a great influence on the Assemblage Point.

Before reading the descriptions ascribed to each number it is important that you know that the values given to each number create a generalized map of a vast territory of consciousness, spiritual evolution, initiation, Full Sensory Perceptions, and multidimensional abilities and connectionsxall to be explored in uniquely individual ways by each seeker. While moving along the spiritual growth path each person moves around a lotxespecially after holding at a 6 for awhile. You may be holding at 6 for a month and occasionally having reference-point experiences at a 7 or above and then moving back down to 6 again. Then you could move to a 7 holding pattern for awhile still having higher and higher reference points of experience. After the first reference-point experience of a 10, individual's tend to either move back to the previous holding number and go through a decision-making time on whether to continue on the path or not. The ego fights for survival and sometimes wins. For others the 10 reference-point experience becomes "the point of no return," at which the individual enters the initiatic path knowing that nothing else will ever be enough from that point forth. As initiates complete each stage of initiation, another spiritual high will occur, usually at 10 or above giving the initiate a reference point in the next level of awakening to which he/she is aspiring. Then back to the lower number representing the current growth level. This back and forth continues until the initiate has completed all of the levels of initiation that allow one to remain in an awakened state of varying degrees at 10. Even at 10, challenges continue at a next higher initiatic level as one moves toward and into Mastery. It is important to realize that these high reference points are gifts of spirit to help us have the strength and understanding of what lies ahead. Some individuals feel deflated, and as if they have failed, when they find themselves back in karmic patterns and ego behaviors again after experiencing so much love and Light. It is not a failure, however. It is the way of the path of initiation, enlightenment, and ascension to receive those higher experiences first and then move through the challenges until they have been transcended. Then on to the next higher reference point for a period of time, then back to the karmic/ego challenges again. The beat goes on!

Spiritual determination and discipline of the mind and emotion are essential to maintaining enthusiasm and a generally positive attitude on your path. Notice the word "discipline," is used as opposed to "control" of mind and emotions. It is important to feel emotions by breathing deeply into them while affirming that the emotions are not your Truth. And the same principle applies to acknowledging that negative thoughts are not your Truth. In a channeling once, Ascended Master Jesus Christ described "the straight and narrow way" as follows: "While moving through your life path as a consciously awakened being, it is important to be aware of where you place your identity. To identify with anything less than your Divine Self is to, at the least, slow yourself down and get weighted down with astral energies. At the worst, false identity can pull you off your higher path entirely. To remain true to one's self, you must learn to avoid and deny nothing, while remaining disidentified at the same time. If you have a judgmental or other type of limiting and negative thought, just take a moment to affirm this is not my Truth. My Truth is (whatever affirmation is appropriate to replace the thought.) When old painful or negative emotions arise, do not stuff them in denial or avoidance. Acknowledge them. Call on me or other Ascended Masters, angels or guides for help in letting go of the emotions in Grace. Then breathe deeply and feel them lift, transmute, or move through you. As they move, you may experience the emotion deeply in the process of letting go of it. Be willing, humble, and yet disidentified with it as your Truth. In other words, if you are experiencing old resentment and blame, don't get caught up in wanting to blame and stay resentful. Feel the feelings while affirming your willingness to let go in grace and forgiveness. This is an aspect of following the straight and narrow way. Remember, that with which you are identified, in every moment, determines the quality of your life experience, and your overall sense of reality. In Oneness, all is well, and emotions and thoughts are simply experiential."

As you move through the teachings on assemblage point, remember they are intended to bring more understanding of the human path and human naturexnot to create judgment and elitism. When a person learns and grows from any life experience, it becomes positively transformed. Below is a chart of the key evolutionary frequencies represented at each location. Know that this is somewhat general and that between each number are 13 stages of evolution as well.

0 is the point of total negative ego identity with hate and destruction. It is the point of suicide when the suicide is hate and destruction based. It also implies a hate-based lack of will to live and respect for life in general.

1 is the point of desperate survival and being a victimizer. Any behavior or action toward others is considered normal if it seems to be necessary to survive, meet needs, or get revenge. Even violence as a source of thrill can be found frequently at this point with a perverted pleasure in inflicting pain, death, and in hatred. Emotions are totally activated by negative ego will.

2 is the point of negative ego cunning. A person may have evolved enough to only be violent as seems necessary for survival, pride, or revenge. Otherwise the person is learning how to manipulate and control in order to get his or her way with no regard for the well -being of others. There can still be a lot of justified hatred and even Black Magic. This is the bridge between being identified with the role of victimizer and victim.

3 is the point of total identity with self-pity and victim/victimizer. It is the point at which many choose the path of drug or alcohol addiction and move down the "Plant Road", shown on the diagram. Every problem is blamed on others. Every negative action, including violence, is justified because of victimhood. No one is trusted. These individuals often display self-destructive behaviors to manipulate others or punish them for what they perceive as unjust.

4 is the point of "animal" consciousness and survival of the fittest. Competition becomes pronounced, accompanied by the belief that life is a matter of "control or be controlled." Violence may still occur if survival seems to be threatened in the person's own way of interpreting reality. This person's view of reality will be defended at all cost because they cannot tolerate anyone knowing that they are wrong. For some this last trait is accompanied by deep shame, while others mask insecurity with intimidation. If they are wrong it is still because of what someone else did to them to "make" them behave in that way or such deep shame that it is unbearable to acknowledge. This person is still very robotic in most ways, as are the lower numbers, but has a little more individual identity in terms of goals and protection of loved ones and property. It is like a territorial instinct.

5 is the point of "human"consciousness, conscience, and the beginning of questioning one's reality to find a better way. The individual has realized that nothing good comes from violence, and begins to embrace the Golden Rule. In "Dances with Wolves" the shaman says to Kevin Costner, the Lieutenant, "I see you have chosen the path of the human. It is a good path." What it means is that his eyes have been opened to the need to be harmless and live and in harmony and find a spiritual meaning for his life. The "5" realizes that there must be more to life than the competitive, dishonest, greedy, negative ego world and chooses to begin searching for higher truth.

6 is the point of desire to transcend ego identity and be responsible for creation of one's own reality. It is the place where blame and self-pity are first seen as false. The individual consciously enters the path of karmic transcendence and begins to ask for help and sense a connection to guides and other Light Beings. Astral energies that have gone unnoticed or perceived as normal begin to feel dark and inappropriate, and perhaps frightening for some. When giving a healing it is always appropriate to shift clients to a "6" or higher, if needed, in order to raise the frequency to a more receptive and spiritually conducive place. The awareness of the need to forgive begins in a real way at "6". Prior to this it may have been a moral concept, but no more. Self- change becomes an understood need and is acted on at a beginning level.

7 is the point of making amends and caring about one's impact on others. Prior to attaining to 7 the focus is primarily on self. Focus on others is generally based on the motivation to meet one's own needs. Giving to and loving others now begins to have more genuine caring although it can be mixed with selfish and ulterior motives. The desire to not harm others and to be more sincerely caring begins here but is still understood at early spiritual levels. At this stage in evolution a prideful person may finally call and apologize to or forgive someone with whom a grudge has been held for a long time. Forgiveness is felt more deeply than before, but distrust is still present as well.

8 is the point of returning to the inner knowing that we are spirits in bodies and that everything is transient. Much old grief and sense of loss is released and a deepening of understanding the lessons behind painful experiences is found. The person begins to understand the need to let go judgment and more deeply realizes that the concept of right and wrong is relative only to one's level of spiritual growth and evolution. Forgiveness becomes more compassionate. The need for more loving, spirit-connected sexuality arises. Review of one's life takes place and the individual, through realizing his or her mistakes, directly or indirectly reframes those mistakes and heals this lifetime.

9 is the point at which past life karmas that have not surfaced previously come into focus. Most people remember some past lives, while others recall many. Deep emotional clearing and healing take place and the person receives humbling lessons in direct proportion to empowering ones. You might think of 9 as the place where the scales of justice are balanced again although it can be erratically unbalancing and then deeply spirit empowering. This is the level of lucid dreaming and pulling scattered parts of self out of the astral planes, including past life ghosts. The individual may find a need for more meditation and alone time that has more depth with one's self than ever beforex though it can be balanced with time with others. When the past life emotional body has been mostly cleared, especially of shame, fear, and hopelessness, the person is ready to move on.

10 is the first stage of enlightenment. People tend to experience varying degrees of 10 giving them reference points at varying stages of enlightenment and initiation many times prior to "holding at a 10." This means that on the initiatic path a person who is holding at a lower number (6-9) may have an enlightenment reference point in nature, in meditation, or some other source of opening that sends them to 10 for a few minutes, or even days. After the experience the individual slides back to his/her previous level with more impetus to move through the challenges at that stage of initiation than before. The individual has experienced the state of consciousness to which he/she aspires and moves through the karmic challenges in order to anchor that consciousness permanently. Once a person is holding at a 10 all the time, he/she will experience cosmic and soul origins. The depth of Higher Self connection to the body consciousness will still vary, but there will always be some connection. Challenges in right use of power and psychic ability will be presented. The person is responsible for living by higher morality, beyond just basic morality of "Don't steal, lie, harm, etc." This person has chosen to embody mastery, or Christ consciousness and is continuing on a higher initiatic path in that direction. Most individual desire is gone; but transcendence of attachment to outcome and spiritual desires are still being completed. At the final stages of 10 compassion with loving detachment is a constant state of being. Deep levels of higher-dimensional communication, and Full Sensory Perceptions are achieved and accessible at will. At the final stage of 10 Christ consciousness is realized continually.

11 is the point of experiencing constant unconditional love and Oneness. All goals are for the good of All. Personal desire has become universal desire with detachment. The Pillar of Light holds the individual in Higher Self alignment at all times. All individual aspects of human consciousness have dissolved into Higher Self consciousness and ego transcendence is complete. Full Sensory Perceptions and multidimensional communications deepen. At the final stage of 11 Melchizadek level of consciousness and Elohim connection are continual.
12 is the point of complete immersion in multidimensional consciousness and continual connection to Source. One's mind and third eye are like high-powered lenses to be focused in any place or dimension as the person chooses. All Full Sensory Perceptions are fully restored and manifestation powers are expressed based on the individual's higher purpose. The Trinity of Christ, Melchizadek, and Metatron levels of consciousness are embodied continually. Resurrection is possible at this level.

13 is the point that measures completion of cellular clearing, also known as Ascension Consciousness. Full body ascension occurs.

Amorah is founder of the Dolphin Star Temple Mystery School, a contemporization of the ancient Egyptian Mystery School. She is author of The Pleiadian Workbook:Awakening Your Divine Ka, The Pleiadian Tantric Workbook: Awakening Your Divine Ba, Pleiadian Perspectives on Human Evolution.